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Game Intro

As you clear out Oblivion forces and gather troops, prepare to fight for glory and to rebuild the imperial capital. From gathering items and resources, to leading infantry troops and increasing troop power, conquering buildings to rescue heroes, constructing facilities, and upgrading your castle, this game has it all. The Kingdom is full of surprises and of women craving sex. And with detailed and arousing characters and enticing Hot Sexy Scenes you won’t want to miss this game.

Game Details

In Creampire, you will play a role of a military leader who was able to escape by chance from the aggressive attack of the enemy, with your faithful entourage. The attack hits the entire planet like a bolt from the blue. Demon armies have destroyed the imperial capital’s garrison troops, and the Emperor is missing. As you witness the fall of the imperial capital, you know that a new era is about to begin. So, you have decided to immediately rout out the Oblivion soldiers besieging your Territory with Angel Kyle’s lustful support.

To resurrect the empire and expel all Oblivion warriors, you must first form an army and begin constructing resources and facilities that will aid your empire and army. You may also need to rescue Heroes, Soldiers and Angles to be part of your army.


Gameplay and objective

In this game, you must rebuild the empire, defeat the forces of oblivion, and save the heroes. You must construct and upgrade construction, resources, and facilities in your territory to restore the empire. You can also kill Oblivion armies and acquire resources in the World area, in addition to your own realm. Strengthen your troops by training and upgrading heroes.

Natalie’s project on the development of Territory, as well as the Daily and World Missions, will serve as a guide for you. Projects and assignments will provide you with unique prizes and may help you level up. You also get rewards from the hot air balloon, Glory War Make, and Events.


Creampire is a unique combination of a strategic game and Adult game. It will both challenge your mind and satisfy your sexual desires. You’ll have a lot of fun constructing and customizing your empire, especially when you are rewarded with the most beautiful women of your empire. In addition to changing your character’s name, you can also change the names of each team and the characters to make the adventure yours.